Quiz Question No. 24

Yesterday’s Photographs

Were taken at the Cricketers pub in Penny Royal Lane.  The building next to the pub is used as an art gallery which is usually open three days each week.

Quiz Question No. 24

Not really a question today, just the opportunity to wish a Very Happy Christmas to you all and leave you with the hope that in 2021 we will all be able to get together and celebrate by raising our glasses in the traditional manner.

Meanwhile, here is Santa Claus visiting the Danbury Christmas Tree at Eves Corner.

Photo credit Danbury Parish Council. 10.12.20

Quiz Question No. 23

Another couple of linked photographs, but both taken at the same location.  Do you recognise it?

Yesterday’s Photograph

Was of the model church which sits in the middle of the pond at Eves Corner.

Originally there were two ponds, the other being across the main road approximately where ‘Wych Elm ‘ now stands.  In her 1945 booklet about Danbury, Mary Hopkirk stated that Eves Corner was originally the green in front of Hill House, that it was first recorded in 1560 and probably named after the Eve family who lived there.

Quiz Question No. 20

The trees in this lane give a very dramatic effect.  Where is it?

(probably looking a bit different now the leaves have fallen.)

Yesterday’s Photograph

The little figure is above the seat in the bus shelter on the opposite side of the road from the Co-op store.

Take a careful look at the next photograph.

Quiz Question No. 18

Where is this letter box?  It seems to be the last remaining ‘GR’ letter box in Danbury, all others now being ‘ER’.

Post Box

Yesterday’s Photograph

The building in the background is Riffhams. It is just inside the Danbury parish boundary, whereas Old Riffhams, the original manor house, is in Little Baddow.  The ‘new’ Riffhams was built around 1815 by John Robert Spencer who had inherited the estates.  The map below shows where the photograph was taken.

Image credit:  © OpenStreetMap contributors. Base map and data from OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap Foundation. Data is available under the Open Database Licence, cartography is licensed as CC BY-SA as per the OpenStreetMap copyright page.

Quiz Question No. 17

This is a beautiful pastoral view taken from a public footpath.  What is the building on the other side of the meadow?


Yesterday’s Photograph

The spire sits on top of Danbury Village Hall.
There is an interesting history of the Village Hall on the Danbury Society’s Blog Spot, written at the time of the hall’s 100th Anniversary. Apparently, the hall was built in 1911 and officially opened in April 1912 with the first recorded letting in June 1912 when performers paid 15s-0d to hire the hall.

Quiz Question No. 16

Another easy one for you.  Which building boasts this spire?


Yesterday’s Photograph

The moulded brickwork plaque is on the side of Frettons and can be seen from Church Green.

An interesting History of Frettons can be found online at ‘Garglyark’.  Apparently the core of the building dates from the 15th Century and there have subsequently been a number of modifications and extensions, so presumably the date shown here relates just to this part of the house.

Frettons Building Danbury