Quiz Question No. 4

Thousands of children have had their photographs taken in this tree, but where is it?

Yesterday’s Photograph

Was of the house at number 100 Main Road which up until the early 20th Century was the village Post Office.  See photograph below.  The Post Office subsequently moved to the shop next to The Griffin which is now occupied by Church & Hawes, and more recently into the Co-op store.

Quiz Question No. 3

This building features in an old Danbury postcard.  Where is it and what was it before it became a private house?

Yesterday’s Photograph

was taken at Buell Well on Danbury Common.

A pumping station was built here in the18th century, the foundations of which can still be seen.

Water was pumped from this natural spring up to a tank at the top of church hill and this supplied the village and beyond.  This continued until 1936 and, with the pump and tank being redundant, they were dismantled in 1962.  At it’s peek Buell Well supplied over 13 million gallons of water each year, sufficient for 4000 people. The storage tanks had a capacity of over 100,000 gallons.

Quiz Question No. 2

This photograph was taken on a hot summer’s day in July.  Where is this lady taking advantage of the clean flowing water to cool her head?

Yesterday’s photograph

was of the bell on top of the Old Schoolhouse – next to the library and Co-op store.

This building was the only school in the village until Heathcote School opened in 1935 – initially at Heathcote House on Horne Row Common, and from 1940 at its present location.  St Mary’s CofE School opened in 1961 and the old schoolhouse was vacated a few years later.  (Danbury Park School opened in 1975.)  The old schoolhouse is now home to Danbury Parish Council and Jesters Pre-school. See photo below.

Danbury Wine Circle Advent Quiz 2020 Information

Starting on 1st December a photograph of some scene, object or building in Danbury will be published on our Blog, asking you to identify it. The following day the next picture will be published, together with the ‘answer’ to the previous day’s question, and, hopefully with a little bit of background information. In accordance with ‘Advent’ tradition, this will continue daily through to December 24th.
Some photographs you will find easy to identify and some will be a bit more tricky.
Sadly, there are no prizes! Just test yourself and keep your own score – or perhaps compete with other members of your family. We hope you enjoy the challenge.
Questions will appear around 9am each day of the Quiz.